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Wiltshire is going Superfast, Get Connected!


Key aims

To improve access to broadband for residents and businesses in Wiltshire

All premises within Wiltshire to have access to a minimum broadband service of 2Mbps achieving the Government’s aim to have standard broadband available to virtually all areas. A minimum of 91% of premises will be able to access the higher performing next generation superfast broadband (+24Mbps).

This will achieve:
  • Much faster internet access which will improve people’s ‘experience’ of the technology and increase their opportunities to participate in social networking, using streamed media, video conferencing, online banking and shopping, local government services etc. This has many additional effects and benefits which could include for example, reducing people’s social isolation, helping care for the elderly, saving money, minimising the need to travel, or increasing property values.
  • For businesses it allows increased use of online tools, improves communication and marketing to customers and greater flexibility in working location. It can help business viability especially for small to medium sized firms and overcome the disadvantage of being located in more remote rural areas.
  • The council will also benefit, as it will allow its staff to work more effectively from home or community based locations, reducing the need for costly central office premises.

To increase the range and usage of council online services

The council’s website presence will be developed further to improve its capability to offer a wider range of interactive online services. Promotion will also be undertaken to increase demand and take up of online services.

This will achieve:
  • Improved delivery of local services and communication with residents, which will provide access any time of the day or night, additional choice of channels etc. The demand for online council services will be increased, allowing staff to spend more time on more complex issues and cases requiring their expertise. It will offer the potential to make efficiency savings e.g. in transactional services and could increase the income received by the council.

To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to become digitally literate and confident users of technology

Communities will be supported through the use of volunteers to provide hands on support for digital literacy. Small, medium and micro businesses will also be supported to make the best use of technology including online purchasing and communications.

This will achieve:
  • More adults being able to use technology and the internet, with fewer feeling ‘digitally excluded’, especially amongst the elderly and those on low incomes. It can also help people in getting jobs, as most employers now require digital skills.
  • More demand for internet access and services, especially superfast broadband connectivity.

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