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Current Build Plans

Please use our postcode checker to identify if your postcode is included as part of our current plans.  Our current plans reflect our Phase 2 deployment which has a focus on delivering a service of 24Mbps+.  The high level plans are communicated at a postcode level, subject to successful survey. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Not all premises within the same postcode area may be able to order an improved service at the same time; this is because some postcodes may be served by more than one infrastructure and it may be that not all of the infrastructure has been or will be upgraded

This is an extremely large and complex infrastructure project which has to be undertaken in stages. The first stage is to plan the deployment taking into account many factors including geography, planning requirements and the location of the existing telecoms infrastructure; these factors dictate the order of the roll out. This approach will ensure the best value for money, but it does mean that we cannot deviate from how the network will be rolled out across the area as doing so would result in a time-consuming and costly project and would ultimately reduce the number of premises we are able to deliver superfast broadband to.

If you would like to sign up to an alert if and when your infrastructure goes live, please click here.

If you would like to keep up to date with progress of the build you can use the Openreach Where and When website here.

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