Broadband Delivery Explained

There are several reasons why your postcode is not in our current build plans:

  • It may be that the infrastructure you are connected to has already been upgraded by Wiltshire Online.
  • It may be that the infrastructure you are connected to has already been, or is due to be, upgraded by a commercial provider. There are several providers operating in Wiltshire including BT, Virgin Media, Gigaclear and Wessex Internet. Here is a link to their respective websites so you can check coverage:

BT Openreach

Virgin Media


Wessex Internet 

  • It may be that to date there are unfortunately no plans to upgrade your premises.  We are aware that despite our significant investment we unfortunately cannot get to every premises within Wiltshire.  If your postcode is not currently planned to receive fibre broadband under the Wiltshire Online programme, this is not because the postcode was not factored into our plans, or because we did not understand the number of premises in your community, but because the obligation of our programme is to deliver fibre broadband to the greatest number of premises for the budget available. To achieve this the rollout design is based on not just one factor but a combination of several factors such as existing infrastructure, speeds already received, number of premises in the area and distances of premises away from the infrastructure. Other rollout designs were considered such as prioritising specific communities or the most rural areas first but the rollout becomes less efficient and more costly and ultimately reduces the number of premises we can get to.

Will there be further funding?

Wiltshire Council is committed to extending our superfast broadband footprint and we continue to explore further funding opportunities including potential savings and reinvestment into the contract.  

We are also awaiting further information from central government with regards the latest Autumn Statement and considerable further investment in broadband, 5G and direct fibre infrastructure.

Better Broadband Scheme

The scheme is intended to deliver central government’s Universal Service Commitment to ensure that homes and businesses have access to download speeds of at least 2Mbps.  If premises are not in any of our current plans to receive a fibre broadband service and currently receive less than 2Mbps, then the Better Broadband Scheme might be an option.  This scheme can offer support towards the cost of the equipment and installation of a wireless or satellite broadband connection.  More information about the scheme including eligibility criteria can be found here

What other opportunities are available?

Despite the significant level of investment we acknowledge that we cannot get to everyone. We appreciate that not all residents or communities may wish to wait until the end of our programme to find out if they will be included utilising any potential savings or reinvestment, therefore you may wish to explore other technologies that are available now; please visit our Broadband Technologies page for more information.

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