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Norah at 101


Question:What do you give someone for their birthday when they turn 100?

Answer: For Norah's family it was a laptop computer.

Norah turned to Wiltshire Online for help with her new laptop and was matched up with a volunteer digital champion who she met for an initial chat about her interests and what she wanted to learn. They started from scratch, going slowly through the basics and within a few weeks Norah discovered the delights and benefits of on-line shopping.

'Looking nice in a lovely new dress' is one of Norah's passions. Armed with her email address and credit card, Norah and her champion were ready to create an on-line shopping account, though at 101 Norah was unable to enter her date of birth in the format dd/mm/yy.  A phone call to the company and some adjustments to the website to allow the full year with the century, has meant that Norah can now enter her date of birth and shop on-line whenever she wants to.

At 101, Norah sent Wiltshire online a photograph of herself attached to an email with the message "I cannot express my thanks appreciation for all the help David has given me.  Allowing me do so many thiings which are both helpful and interesting. It's lovely to keep in touch with friends and relations overseas I shall be grateful always."

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