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Wiltshire Online is not currently recruiting volunteers


Wiltshire Online is committed to helping residents, businesses and community groups across the county get online and make the most of the web. 

This help is provided by a growing team of volunteers who work on a one to one basis with individuals and with groups to help give them confidence in using a computer in a way that is useful and relevant to them and their lifestyle. We recognise that people learn at different speeds and have different reasons and motivations for wanting to get online hence we do not offer a pre-set course or follow a set curriculum. Instead, all of our help is tailored to each individual, working at a pace that is suitable to them in a convenient location.

We have two types of volunteer: a digital champion and a volunteer coordinator.

  • The digital champion works with a learner in their local community to help them with the basic skills they need to use a computer and access the web.
  • The volunteer coordinator liaises with a number of digital champions in their local area, puts them in touch with learners who need their help and supports them while they are working with learners. They also engage with community groups and other organisations in their local area to help promote and publicise the service that we offer.   

In return, Wiltshire Online offers each volunteer the chance to become part of a growing network of friendly like minded individuals who are passionate and enthusiastic about the digital age and the benefits it can bring. We offer opportunities for you to share your existing skills and experience, to learn and develop new skills by working with other volunteers and to work with and engage your local community. We run a formal training day that each volunteer attends to provide guidance on working with adult learners, as well as hints and tips on how to structure and plan your sessions and links to the vast array of learning resources that are available.      

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