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Fibre Coverage Maps

We have created a series of maps (at Area Board level) to highlight the significant current and planned fibre broadband coverage across Wiltshire.  In addition, we feel these maps are useful in indicating communities and clusters of premises at a postcode level that we do not anticipate will be covered either by commercial providers, our Phase 1 rollout or our expected Phase 2 and Ultrafast coverage.

For more information about your community area and Community Area Board please click here.

For more information about technologies and suppliers of broadband please click here.

How to interpret the maps

  • These maps should be used for indicative purposes only as the broadband network is a complex infrastructure that does not fit neatly into postcode areas.
  • The maps include planned coverage for Phase 2 and Ultrafast. The modelling used for Phase 2 and Ultrafast is based on a number of assumptions which may change following detailed planning and surveying.
  • The maps demonstrate geographical coverage rather than number of premises covered. For example, the white areas within the maps represent over 200,000 premises in Wiltshire that have or will have access to fibre broadband.
  • Please note that these maps are layered over Ordnance Survey (OS) maps which use shading under the more densely populated areas; this shading is different to the colours used in the legend and should be interpreted as indicating built up areas only.

Area Board Maps

You can view the high resolution map for your area by selecting your Area Board on the map below

Please note these are large files (approx 30 MB each) so may take a while to download. You will be able to zoom in once opened using the + button.

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