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Where do I start?

Here at Wiltshire Online, we understand that getting going with the internet can be difficult. However, keeping going can be just as challenging! To help you on your way, we’ve created this page of useful resources. Here you’ll find links to some easy, step by step guides created by the professional tutors at Digital Unite. They've got virtually every subject covered, from Skype and digital photography, to Windows 8 and catch up TV.  We've also included some of our favourites from other websites, such as the BBC and Learn My Way. Plus, if you fancy brushing up on your mouse skills, why not give Seniornet or Jigzone a go?  They feature a number of simple but fun exercises to hone your clicking capabilities. 


computer-basics-300-dpi email-skype-300-dpi  creating-documents-60-px  digital-photography-300-dpi
Computer basics Email and Skype Creating documents Digital photography
 using-the-internet-300-dpi  smartphones-tablets-300-dpi  social-networking-blogs-300-dpi hobbies-interests-300-dpi 
Using the Internet Smartphones and tablets Social networking and blogs Hobbies and interests
 internet-security-300-dpi  shopping-banking-300-dpi music-audio-300-dpi tv-audio-300-dpi 0
Internet security Shopping and banking Music and audio TV and video


Other Online Resources

BBC Webwise  Online Basics  Seniornet
BBC Webwise Learn My Way Online Basics Seniornet
 BBC First Click  Age UK  Jigzone
BBC First Click Age UK Jigzone

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